Internet of Things (IoT)

It is expected that by 2022 the IoT market will represent 14.4 trillion USD
and indeed everything will be networked.
-International Telecomunication Union 2015 -.

It is an era where information is obtained from sensors and then is integrated into production processes.

The interconnection between everyday objects and the internet increases day by day.This change in consumption habits, offers an increasing amount of information. The key is to know how to use, store and interpret things to generate efficient strategies and efficient products.

Internet of Things (IoT), looks for the massive connection of all objects to the internet. The connection of smartphones, computers, tablets, sensors and other electronic devices has allowed an ability to communicate with other devices and objects through the internet. These connections provide recordable data that potentially helps to measure and take advantage of energy consumption, regulate traffic and mobility in cities, record pollution levels and monitor people’s life quality, among many other possibilities.

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