Industry 4.0  

By 2020 there will be over 26 billion Internet-connected devices and more than 4 billion Internet users globally.
-World Economic Forum:The Global Information Technology Report 2016-.

Hybridization between the physical and the digital world has brought the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The adaptation of businesses to the new digital environment requires a redesign in their internal and organizational processes.

The introduction of digital technologies to business, government and educational environments directly brings improvements in efficiency, flexibility and optimization of resources; Bringing better results to those who are able to generate intelligent and personalized products and services from the information.

At the end of the XVII century, the steam engine revolutionized the industry; now it is nanotechnology, robotics and cyber-physical systems, among others; those who are revolutionizing the world with a speed, amplitude and depth never before seen.

Nowadays, technology allows to make more efficient the productive chain, to simulate virtually the manufacture of a product , to prevent and to repair breakdowns in a remote way and to flexibilize the production; All without triggering operating costs.

Industry 4.0 open the limits of the possible, to offer a whole world of opportunities for those who want to pose new challenges.

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